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Youth Ministry

Learn more about our exciting Youth Ministry classes, activities, and more from Quartz Hill Church of Christ.


Youth Ministry Classes

As with our Children's Ministry, our youth ( Middle School - High School) are involved in Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible Studies with dedicated teachers from within the church congregation.

The focus of the youth classes is always centered on Bible centered topics and lessons. The classes can also provide a place for our youth to discuss current trends, fads, and fashion and how a Christian youth can and should respond to these things

Youth Ministry Activities

The youth are involved in trips to camp (Yosemite Bible Camp and others), youth nights out to movies, pizza, bowling, and other events. The youth are involved in Youth Devotionals held at the church building and at other church congregations. The youth also take trips together such as amusement parks, the ocean, and Fun Parks like our local Family Fun park in Palmdale.

Currently the church has only has a couple of students over the 6 th grade attending in the congregation, but as the church grows, we know God will once again be able to have a fully functioning youth program. We prayerfully look forward to this growth and the youth that God will send our way.

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