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2 Peter 1:6 tells us we must add temperance to our faith. Temperance is another word for self-control, which we all need in our lives. God who created us in His own image and likeness, along with free will knows what we are capable of. Therefore, He wants us, as the human race, to have self-control in our lives so we can live and do better for Him and ourselves.

When someone has self-control in their life, what can this do for them? It promotes a better quality of life, having the ability to say no to others and keeping things out of your life you don't need. Temperance has a way of showing growth in your life by helping you see that you can conquer things in your life you once had a problem with. It can help bring peace in your life that the world can never give you. God’s word will be a guide and a source of comfort in your life. Some people don't see the need for self- control. Those people will tell you “Just live your life and stop being so uptight”. However, when the police have to get involved or you lose your family, home, job and your life goes on a down ward spiral they are nowhere to be found. You may have a gambling problem, a problem with being unfaithful to your spouse. Perhaps you have no filter or so many other things that can and will destroy you if you're not careful.

Let me encourage you to gain some self-control in your life if you don't have any. If you do, keep it and let it grow stronger in your life. Self-control will help in ways you never thought possible. For God loves you and wants the very best for you. Promote this life benefiting trait in your life and you won't go wrong.

God bless you

-Donell Chambers

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