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The Lord God of Heaven and the universe is the most important God you will know in your life. When wanting to help prepare those that don't know God to meet Him, they need to get to know Him. We can help them understand how much of a great influence He can be in their life. Also, some bonus things they will have with God are a friend they can always count on when they call Him, they will never get a busy signal, words of wisdom and so much more.

How can we as God people help or aid other to meet God? Be an example to them, when the opportunity presents itself. Ask the Lord for the strength to share His word and hopefully be able have some Bible studies set up. Build a relationship with them and work toward getting them to know about God through you. Don't ever force God on them. God does not force Himself on anyone. Help them by sharing with them the personal experience you have with God in your life and the life of your family, if you have family. I know this will take time and be hard from time to time. It may seem like it won't happen. In some cases, it won't happen, in some it will. Not everyone will obey the gospel of Christ. Even God knows that, but we know it is His desire that they come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). Keep this in mind while you help others prepare to meet God and also keep yourself on point to do so. We need to remember that God love us and wants us to one day be with Him in glory.

To sum up our point lets, be willing to allow God to help us help others who don’t know God to meet Him. That is our ultimate goal; to go to heaven. So, let’s help one another reach that goal so we can praise God together!

God bless

-Donell Chambers

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