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The death of anyone at first is a sad time. When you first get the news, it almost takes your breath away, especially someone close to you. As time goes on you still have them on your mind and you start to deal with the affairs at hand. You can begin to think about them no longer in pain. Also, if they were in Christ, they have gone on to receive their reward. But if they were not in Christ, it would be sad because dying unfaithful and outside of Christ is no good for anyone.

The Bible says "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” Also, it says "A time to be born, and a time to die” (Ecclesiastes 3:1&2). The Bible lets us know that death is a part of life. at one point we might have had need to be afraid of death, but when Christ died for all mankind, He conquered sin and death. This is probably why Paul welcomed being in Christ because he knew what reward the faithful would have dying in the Lord. Of course, there are those you don't want to bury in your life. For example, parents never want to bury their own children. They would rather it be the other way around. It will be a sad time either way, but to God be the glory in the midst of it all. How does one feel when the news comes to them? Shocked, sad or even expected, it all depends on who it is and their situation. All in all, it can be sad and happy times. Sad when you find out about it and have to deal with everything, but happy when you get to reminisce about the person and what they mean to you. Also, remember God will be with you through it all.

There will come a time when the information of someone's death will come your way or the other way around. The most important thing to do is let the Lord be a part of the grieving and mourning process and as you move on with your life. It will be a sad time, but you can be happy again with God’s help and work on your part.

God Bless

-Donell Chambers

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