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In Matthew 16:24 Jesus says "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me". It is important for those who are followers of Christ to give themselves fully to Him and bear their own cross. This requires us to examine what this means as we each have to learn to do this in our own personal lives. When one bears their cross it not something you do one day a week or every so often. You do this every day of your life,

Remember, back when Rome was in power those who were accused of a crime had to carry the cross they were going to be hung on if that was the method of punishment given. This is just as Christ had to do on the road to Calvary.

When someone in Christ bears or carries their cross, you need to understand it is not a literal cross. Jesus was using it as a figurative expression. To carry your cross means a great deal. We must do our duty for the Lord. One has to learn to endure whatever may be burdensome or trying. There are also going to be things that are considered disgraceful if you are following Christ. Those in the world around you might think you are crazy or out of your mind! That’s all right, let them think that. They thought that of Christ, so you would be in good company. This means it can happen to us as His followers. In being willing to do this, it will help build up your character and help you submit your will to Christ better. It will be hard at times, no doubt! Some have even given up on God because of the hardships, but we should strive not to because of the reward that awaits beyond this life. We also need to see the good that can come of it in this life. For example, in doing this, others will see the blessing and good that comes from it and desire to follow Christ. At times you may lose family and friends, but continue to be gentle, happy and such like these things. It will benefit you greatly.

The bearing of one's cross is a lifelong commitment to the Lord. It will have good and bad times with it. But enduring them with God’s help and work on your part will help add and keep your name in the Lamb's book of life. So, strive to keep living for Christ it has eternal benefits.

God Bless

-Donell Chambers

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