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In 1 Kings (3:5-14) God appeared to Solomon in a dream by night and God says< “Ask what I shall give thee”. This text teaches us a great lesson because Solomon was young and did not know very much. So he asked the Lord for wisdom to be able to judge His people that He(God0 had made him king over. He (Solomon) could have asked for a long life for himself or riches beyond his wildest dreams. Instead Solomon asked God for wisdom that only He could give him. God gave it to him and bestowed a great deal on him. God gave Solomonn much more than any other king that ruled. God, in His great kindness, gave Solomon far beyond what he asked for. God is good all the time. And all the time God is good. When you are humble enough to ask for what you need and not always what you want, He will bless you beyond measure.

The beautiful thing about asking for wisdom from God is that He will give it to you and will also teach you how to use it in your life. Wisdom is an important tool in one's life. We should seek it, desire it and hone it along with discipline and self control in our lives. As you gain wisdom you will learn how to judge right from wrong better. You will strive to make better wholesome decisions. It can help you gain and build a better relationship with God. It will also help others who have a relationship with God and encourage those who don't have one to get a relationship with God. This will happen through the teaching of His word. There is no greater feeling than gaining these blessings from God to better your life and the lives of those around you. You can be like a tree that has fruits of wisdom on its branches for others to come and sample.

Let me encourage you to never doubt the wisdom of God. It is helpful and refreshing in your life. So seek His wisdom always for what you will need and He is the only one that can give it to you.

God bless,

-Donell Chambers

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